Project Description

An open-source Lync Christmas Tree Lights project using the Lync 2010 Client API, a FEZ Mini, and Adafruit 12mm Diffused Digital RGB LED Pixels.

Currently Initial 1.0 Release. Everything should work - there may be some scenerios I haven't tested yet.

I'll add some detailed documentation and build instructions in the next few days.

Project Hardware

Fez Mini
Adafruit 12mm Diffused Digital RGB LED Pixels
Adafruit Tiny breadboard
Adafruit 5V 2A (2000mA) switching power supply
Adafruit Breadboard-friendly 2.1mm DC barrel jack
RadioShack 270-1801 Project Enclosure (3x2x1")


This project is a recreation of the project done by Andrej Kyselica, see it here:

This project uses a modified version of Fez Term to communicate with the FEZ Mini.

This project uses this driver for the Adafruit Lights.

Screenshots / Pictures

A video of me demonstrating the Alpha version of this project for the DFW IT Professionals is here:


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